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Rockspinners to swirl art and science for FLC’s Geosciences, Physics & Engineering Hall

There are those who say there is art in science and vice versa. Once Fort Lewis College’s new Geosciences, Physics & Engineering (GPE) Hall is completed this fall, a piece of art will be installed outside the building that will speak to the science being studied inside.

Thanks to Colorado’s Art in Public Places program, an installation of what artist Zach Coffin calls Rockspinners will be put in place around the GPE Hall. The Rockspinners are suspended boulders that are meant to be spun by those walking by. Three spinners, created of rock from the Four Corners region, will be installed along with two carved stone benches to round out the project.

"I want to thank the GPE art committee for their artistic sensibility and awareness of the context where the art works will be placed,” says Dene Thomas, president of Fort Lewis College. “These large beautiful rocks will reflect the importance of the geosciences and the engineering expertise required for their creation. The campus, community, and region will enjoy them."

Funding for the Rockspinners will come from the Art in Public Places initiative. It is anticipated that the installation will occur in the summer of 2017.

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